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How to Prepare

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How to Prepare

How to prepare for the Civil Service Exam.

Civil Services Exam is called the mother of all competitive exams. Its syllabus is vast but not impossible to cover. The main factor that will help you get through the exam is Patience and Time Management. This exam demands a little bit of sacrifice on your enjoyments. Discipline and correct planning of your schedule as well as your study plan is the key to success. More than that always being confident, positive and the attitude to learn new things daily will give you success very early.

The best time to start is when you think that you have atleast1 year to give to give your preparation, as to cover the syllabus it takes time. Not everyone make it in the first attempt but this is not impossible , as said proper Time management , Focus , Positive attitude and dedication towards the exam will give you results in the first attempt itself .

It does not matter whether you are working, a home maker or a student. The only requirement is that one needs to have a degree from a recognised University and should be within the age limit. If one is more qualified for Example has a PG or a doctorate that is always an added advantage .

If you are a working professional even that is a feather in your cap. An existing government servant can also prepare but he needs to inform the department when he gets qualified for the personality Test.

Therefore in simple words one needs a graduation certificate and the age to prepare for this exam. The Rest depends on the aspirant.


Important things needs to be done before starting –

  1. Select a good Optional

  2. Keep a note of all the books needed for the exam for both optional and General Studies. ( Any doubts on selecting the  Optional Subject  Call Us )

  3. Read the syllabus frequently to recognise the topics.

  4. Go through the Previous Papers at least three times before starting

  5. Join a good academy or You can plan  on how you to proceed on your own, take advise .


Everyday schedule

Keep a fixed time table for every three days or a week. Time table can always be changed according to one’s convenience. If one is not able to follow a time table it does not mean one is incompetent. It only means that the aspirant needs to change his or her priorities at that particular time.  Practice will help. No one is perfect.

  • News Paper reading is a must everyday

  • Writing practice should be done everyday

  • Listen to a good Bulletin everyday

  • Follow a proper plan on how you want to start and with which subject

  • Keep proper notes

  • Always relate the reality to the book knowledge

  • If you are confident one can prepare on their own. Call Us ( 9949  363  363)  for more information

  • Join a good Test Series for both Prelims and Mains. Essay writing should not be overlooked

  • Revision of the completed work is very important.

  • Solving previous papers will help a lot.

  • Keeping a fixed time frame to finish each subjects.

  • Preparation should be complete two months before the Prelims so that you have sufficient time for revision

  • Answer writing practice to complete within the time period should be practiced.



Though this paper is only a qualifying paper many students face a problem. The only solution is start practicing 6 months in advance for the prelims so that you become confident. If your weak in Maths start with basic math from class 7 to class 10. Read the editorial everyday to learn new words as this will help in Comprehension.

Practice- is the key to success.

This area should not be taken for granted

Qualifying papers for Mains –

Language and English – these two papers should not be overlooked too. Some aspirants might be weak in the language that they choose.  A standard news-paper of the language selected and practicing previous papers will help.


For Further Queries –

CONTACT US # 9949 363  363

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