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Clear Your Doubts

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Clear Doubts

Clear Your Doubts

Frequently asked questions ?

Is this exam really tough ?

No, it is not . Depends on ones attitude . If one feels learning a burden then even a car driving exam will look like a Giant test .


I am an average student , can I take this exam ?

Marks and percentage don’t matter , what matters is the determination to get through the exam . The exam demands explanation in simple words and proper understanding of the questions .


How will I cover so many books ?

We are always there to make things simple for you . All the books include almost the same subject matter . The aspirant needs to follow just one or two books and look into the others for reference in each subject   .  One does not need to be perfect in all books . One needs to be good in the subject .

We provide the extra material to our students so that their work is reduced .


How can I manage work and preparation , do I need to leave ny job ?

One does not need to leave his or her job . Working professional can give four hours a day for their preparation and then more time during the weekends . Yes , they will have to sacrifice their leisure trips and outings but its worth the sacrifice .

Making a plan is very  important . And following the plan is more important .


I don’t like Writing ? How ?

Writing is the most important part . Everyday practice of writing article from the news paper will help . This will also help improve hand writing .


Only is one has influence they can get through ?

No , Not all , You only get through by your own ability . Other things do not work . Easy way is not the way .

I want only IAS / IPS ?

Cadre allotment is according to the marks one secures and also if they are from the reserved category , but even in reserved category one needs to get good marks . Thus best preparation will help .

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